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What is the invisalign system?

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A beautiful smile can change everything

A beautiful smile can make you more confident. It can change the way you view things. A beautiful smile can change your life. With the use of the Invisalign system you can have the smile you have always dreamt of without having to go through any painful procedures. In reality your everyday life will barely be affected.

The Invisalign system aligns the teeth with the use of a series of both almost invisible and also removable splints which are especially adjusted to your own teeth. As each splint is replaced every two weeks, your teeth move gradually. Week after week your teeth will progressively move towards their pre determined final position.

The Invisaligh system is comfortable , invisible and it does not affect your everyday life. The Invisaligh system is a choice that has already been discovered by 2,5 million people.

Are you ready for your new smile?

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