Clinic’s Equipment


 CLASSE A9 gb page8 image2 Dental Units Anthos A9 and A3… These top–of–the range professional treatment centres are designed by the Italian company Anthos and are complete with exclusive hi-tech instruments and cutting edge solutions which ensures superlative comfort for the dentist, the assistant and the patient. The Anthos Dental Units are equipped with a LED light which enables the performance of very detailed procedure helping in the achievement of the best results and giving a feeling of security to the patient.
 castellini-duo clip image002 Dental Chair Castellini Logos. This dental centre is mainly used for surgical procedures. Its high tech instruments and its strong lighting system facilitate the dentist during the surgical procedure. The dental centre is equipped with a cardiograph machine for the monitoring of patients with health problems. Moreover, an all around hygiene system with automatic devices ensures the completion of the surgical procedures in an excellently sterilised environment!


675766 0 Compact Washer For Dental Instruments  MILLWASHING.The Millwashing thermo – disinfector is the first tool used for disinfection in our dental clinic. With completely automatic control of all cycle phases, it disinfects the dental instruments which without any dental materials residues are then disinfected by the second sterilization machine.
euroseal 4d eur Eurosonic Digital and Electronic Tank  by EURONDAThe Euronda Ultrasonic tank is the second tool used for the further sterilisation of the dental instruments after the washing process. The sterilisation process is completed by the placement of the dental instruments in the autoclave.
01TheEuroseal The ΕUROSEAL.This thermo sealing machine guarantees validate sealing so as to insure that all the dental instruments will remain sterilised until the time they are used by the dentist.
 40295 B EVO Autoclave EUROPA BThis is the second autoclave that is used in our medical polyclinic and where all the remaining dental instruments are sterilised.
 32993 Autoclave  NEUTRA B2.This is the last device used in the sterilisation process in our polyclinic. With the use of the Autoclave Neutra B2 all the dental equipment are totally sterilised. This particular autoclave creates steam in the sterilization chamber which penetrates the seals in which the dental instruments are placed and kills all germs. This autoclave is the most sophisticated device available in the field of sterilisation of dental instruments. 
 sterilair3000 Air Sterilisation with STERILAIR 3000This devise sterilises and refreshes the air in our operating room thus all the surgical procedures are performed in an excellently sterilised environment. It goes without saying that our first and foremost concern is the health of our patients.  

Teeth Whitening

beyond  Laser white BEYONDDo you want a sparkling smile? Do you believe that your teeth have lost their shine? The BEYOND will help you to have a sparking smile and white teeth after just one appointment. The Laser 3000 Mobile is the most sophisticated and affective device available in the market for teeth whitening and is also renowned for its excellent results. You should try it without any hesitation. 


dx750 3q   KODAK DX 7590The Kodak DX 7590 with its sharpness enables us to keep a detailed photographic file of both external and internal mouth photos for each one of our polyclinic’s patients. 
 spectroshade Colour Measurement Device  SPECTROSHADE… SpectroShade enables us to have exact colour measurements. It is the most sophisticate device available in the field of proshodontics. It attributes with precision the colour of the patients teeth so as to ensure that the false teeth are of the exact colour shade as the patients natural teeth. 



aitflow  EMS Soda Flow  System  The Soda Flow System ( Air Flow ) is created by the best company globally in the production of dental equipment, thus EMS. The EMS Soda Flow System with the gentle application of kinetic energy both causes no damage ( it will not scratch the tooth surface) and it also completes gum treatment. It is also the best way to remove teeth stains leaving the patient with a feeling of freshness. Everybody should try it. 


 biolitec Biolitec laser System Different pieces of Laser equipment are widely used in different fields of Medicine nowadays. So the beneficial effect of the use of laser equipment in different dental procedures has also been established. The most versatile Biolitec Laser System is equipped with different laser programmes for teeth whitening, periodontitis treatment, endodontics ( root canal treatment ) as well as minor surgical procedures in the mouth’s soft tissues such as frenectomy, removal of hemangiomas and hyperplasias, gingivectomy for orthodontic purposes ( facilitating tooth eruption). 
 48817-deka2 Portable Unit laser DEKA… This very powerful laser has been developed for applications in hard tissues and it has been especially designed to be used in the field of dental surgery ( the well known to all people, fillings). It decontaminates the tooth’s surface by killing germs and eliminating the toxins produced by them and it also neutralises the cavity so as to strengthen the connection between the teeth tissues and the material used for the filling. There are several kinds of fillings that cannot be performed without the use of this particular laser. It should also be mentioned that the Laser is totally safe both for the adults and the children that are treated in our Polyclinic. 


VDW Endo IT control gerl m  Endo It  Professional ... You can now forget having root canal treatment in numerous, time consuming visits to your dentist. The Endo It Professional in combination with the Bioletic Laser System enable the dentist to speed up the root canal treatment so as to be completed it in just one visit and without any side effects. This is very important as we know that our patients’ time is very valuable. 


myray   Hyperior x7  Dental Digital Panoramic X - ray X7…This state of the art Panoramic Imager has been created to simplify the entire radiograph acquisition process enabling the dentist to have, in just a few seconds, a complete X- ray image of the patient. It has modes for Panoramic and Cranium scanning, Sinuses and Temporomandibular Joint scanning and finally Hand scanning. The Hyperior x7 Dental Digital Panoramic X–ray facilitates the dentist in the fields of Pathology, Oral Surgery, Implantology and Orthodontics.
 09FF9BB9-skyview04 Sky View 3D (CBCT) Panoramic Imager  All oral radiograph images are two dimensional. Only a CT Scanner can provide doctors with 3D images. The major disadvantage of a traditional CT Scanner is the high X-ray doses that it produces. Nevertheless, Sky View 3D CBCT Panoramic Imager combines a cone beam X – ray source with the latest generation image intensifier in order to deliver high definition 3D images with low X-ray doses. The CBCT Panoramic Imager is only available at well known radiology clinics / centres and it is used in the fields of Oral Surgery, Implantology, and Orthodontics 


Surgery and Implants

prgf bti  Centrifuge System for the Extraction of Growth Factors  with the P.R.G.F Technique The growth factors are molecules which exist in platelets (thrombocytes). Placelets are responsible for the healing process and for bone production in various body injuries. With the equipment that are available in out Polyclinic we are able to take blood from our patients and with the use of the centrifuge system to isolate the growth factors (P.R.G.F) which can accelerate the healing process in Oral Surgery and Implantology. This is the latest evolution in technology in the Field of Surgery.