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Medical Tourism

In the northern suburbs of the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and only 20 minutes away from Macedonian Airport and 10 minutes from the city centre the Dental Polyclinic Smile Clinic is located. Our facilities occupy four floors. The staff of Smile Clinic is both highly skilled and experienced, as they have to deal, on a daily basis, with numerous, different medical cases. Moreover, our medical team, which is consisted by many doctors, covers the whole spectrum of specialties connected with dentistry. So we can guarantee both an accurate and responsible diagnosis and also the completion of your treatment. The continuous training of all the member of our staff on the new medical technologies and the also continuous upgrading of our clinic’s equipment, in combination with the supply of utility products from the best companies in the field, ensures that our patients will receive a quick and painless treatment.

While having dental works performed, you can also enjoy the famous Greek Hospitality, by visiting numerous locations in close proximity to Thessaloniki. A visit to Chalkidiki, especially during the summer months, will prove more than an enjoyable experience. A visit to the city’s museums and also to places of historical interest near Thessaloniki will help you learn many interesting information on the Greek culture. During the winter months you can visit the ski resorts and many other locations which area again located close to Thessaloniki. Members of Smile Clinic will be able to give you useful information concerning your stay. They will also be able to give you information on how to enjoy your stay the most.

To insure your best service you can visit the specialised site of Smile Clinic. There you will be able to find all the information that you might need. Through the different communication ways which are available you can get in touch with our members so to ask them whatever you consider important and also to prepare your visit to our Polyclinic.