Aesthetic Correction

Bonding-and-Veneers-Easy-fixes-to-unsightly-teethAesthetic Dentistry helps people to achieve the best aesthetic results in the process of a new, more beautiful smile. A beautiful, bright smile is a synonym to health, youthfulness, and a good quality of life. The available aesthetic procedures are limitless so as to create a smile which either satisfies your aesthetic requirements or makes your smile look as beautiful as it used to before time left its marks. You doctor can facilitate you in order to choose the best possible procedures for your own needs. Your doctor will also suggest and form with your co - operation a detailed treatment plan for which you will be thoroughly informed.

Porcelain Veneers


This solution helps you get the best possible results with only a small intervention of about half a millimeter (0,6 mm ) at the enamel. Porcelain veneers are placed on the surface of the teeth and are durable due to the fact that porcelain is a very strong material . From the first day of the treatment the patient can continue doing his / her everyday activities.

Courey Veneers

Within a few days your smile can be totally transformed according to the changes that have already been decided with your dentist. These changes can include a whiter shade of teeth, or the improvement of the shape and the size of your teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to restore either a singular tooth or multiple teeth so as to offer a general change in the appearance of your teeth and your smile.Resin: A similar treatment can be performed with the use of composite resin veneers( bonding).

Full Ceramic Veneers

Full ceramic crowns are dental restoration procedures. Full ceramic crowns are chosen when the natural teeth require not only aesthetic improvement but also strengthening of their endurance or when previously performed dental procedures need to be replaced. Usually, they are combined with veneers or other restoration procedures, depending on the case. Your doctor is the person responsible to determine which kind of procedure is suitable for your treatment plan.