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3D Dental Scanner

3D Αξονικός

With the use of the Sky View the desired 3D dimensional dental imaging is achieved.

Nowadays, a revolution is under way in the field of medical imagining which changes the existing facts in dental treatment.
The MyRay Company leads to the fulfilment of this new perspective with the Sky Vie dental scanner


Quick and Safe Imaging


With the use of the Sky View dental scanner a new and successful technique of imaging is adopted which is known as Cone Bean Computed Tomography (CBCT), which is ideal for the acquirement of 3D reconstructions of the teeth as well as of the whole maxillofacial area. When compared with the other tomography techniques, as for example the hospital scanners of the CAT type, with the CBCT we have the advantage of the acquirement of images with the simple rotation of the scanner around the patient. This means that the time needed for the examination is less and the patient’s exposure to radiation is also minimised.


Total Diagnostic Precision

The completely automated procedure leads to a 3D imaging without distortions.


The Third Dimension is now available to us.