Dental Implants

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Nowadays, dental implants are one of the most cutting edge treatments which we can offer to our patients. We believe that this is the most suitable treatment in cases of tooth loss or tooth extraction. The success rate of this treatment is 100 per cent. Dental implants enable us to offer our patients both the least interventional but also the best treatment. Many patients, who have lost one or more teeth, after having been thoroughly informed about the treatment take the decision to have dental implants. Our ability to inform our patients both correctly and thoroughly is based on our long term experience on the field of implants.

Will this Treatment Work For Me?

Generally, the results of the treatment are exceptional both from and aesthetic but also from a functional point of view. If you decide to follow this treatment, in the future you will be able to smile, talk and chew with great confidence. After your treatment you are able to use your false teeth, implants as if they are your natural teeth. It is worth mentioning that after research conducted at our polyclinic, most of the patients who have had dental implants consider the implants as more trustworthy than their natural teeth while consuming food due to their stability and their effectiveness. Based on the finding of the same research it can be inferred that our patients consider the implant treatment as highly superior when compared to the other existing procedures. Their belief can undoubtedly not be disputed.

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For What Reason Should I Consider Having Dental Implants?;


Α) Outgrowth of the Teeth of the Upper or Lower Jaw after the Extraction of a Tooth

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After the extraction of a tooth the antagonistic teeth ( which are adjacent to the extracted tooth) begin to outgrow, as there is no other ‘ obstacle’ to stop them. This condition can be prevented by having a dental implant where there is tooth loss.


B) Sifting and Deviation of Adjacent Teeth

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A similar condition to teeth outgrowth is the sifting and deviation of adjacent teeth. When there is teeth loss, the adjacent teeth have the tendency to fill the gaps. As a result the occlusion of the teeth is modified which leads to the periodontal injury of these teeth. Dental Implants prevent such conditions.


C) Absorption of the Bone of the Upper Jaw and Enlargement of The Sinus


At the back the upper jaw and above the wisdom teeth the sinuses are located. The sinuses are cavities filled with air. When there are teeth the sinuses maintain their natural size. After the extraction of the teeth and if dental implants are not placed in the place of the extracted teeth the bone of the jaw atrophies and the sinuses enlarge in size. The treatment is made more difficult when the placement of the implants is performed a long time after the extraction of the teeth.


D) Dental Bridges = Unnecessary Grinding of Healthy Teeth


When tooth loss occurs there are two available restoration solutions: either the construction of a dental bridge or the placement of an implant. The solution of the dental bridge presents numerous disadvantages. Healthy teeth are grinded, which should not be affected at all. Moreover, the bone of the area where the tooth loss occurred is absorbed and the same stands for the bone of the adjacent teeth. As a result the presentation of decay may occur to the teeth that support the dental bridge. Consequently the performance of root canal treatment or even the extraction of these teeth may prove necessary in which case the dental bridge can not be used. With the placement of a dental implant all the previously mentioned problems are solved.


E) Atrophy and Decrease Of the Bone Dimensions

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Teeth stimulate the bone of the jaw so as to remain stable in its dimensions and density. When there is tooth loss the lack of stimulation to the surrounding bone results in the atrophy of the bone the density and dimensions of which are decreased. If dental implants are used to replace missing teeth then the bone does not atrophy.   


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