What is Gingivoplasty and when should the procedure be used?

Gingivoplasty is a dental treatment which includes the surgical reconstruction of the gums and of the contour of the gums around the teeth for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. This procedure is also known as plastic surgery of the periodontics. Cases of gummy smile ( when the smile is not harmonic ) as well as the impression that many people have that their teeth are small, are some of the cases in which the previously mentioned technique can be used.

Which are the available techniques that and how do they help?

1a)Gingivoplasty with the Use of Laser : This technique is one of the most painless and bloodless which are available so as to achieve harmony in your smile. The laser cuts the tissues reforming the contour of the gums in the wanted length. Impressive is also the effectiveness of the laser in the treatment of gum discoloration.


1b)Gingivoplasty with the Use of Lancet : With the use of this technique the dentist removes part of the gums surrounding one or more teeth with the use of a lancet. Usually the dentist removes tissues that are affected by a disease. This technique is also used for aesthetic improvement of the gums when the gums are asymmetrical. It should be mentioned that this is a simple surgical operation in the periodontium.   

2)Surgical Regeneration Procedures :  Procedures In cases where there is gum loss and the lengthening of the gums is considered necessary, the surgical techniques regenerate the gum tissues and there is also the possibility of bone regeneration when there is also bone loss. This can be achieved through implants, with the help of stem cells which are taken from the patient.  

Why should somebody Consider Having Gingivoplasty Treatment?

If you are not satisfied with your smile because your teeth look either ‘too small’ or ‘too big’ the Gingivoplasty procedure can help you to improve both your smile and your appearance. Moreover, gum discoloration can also be treated with one of the previously mentioned techniques.