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Gum Plastic Surgery Peri – Implantitis

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Peri-Implantitis is a disease that occurs when the dental implants are infected by germs, which consequently leads to bone loss around the teeth. Peri-Implantitis may also cause pockets, bleeding and if the condition has progressed it may also lead to tooth mobility. This complication, which rarely occurs, can easily be treated if the Peri-Implantitis is timely diagnosed and has not progressed. The immediate treatment of the area is required.

Why should Peri-Implantitis be Treated?


Preventing The Infection Of Other Body Organs


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The germs from the area can be transferred in the blood stream and consequently infect other body organs such as the heart etc which may have uncontrollable consequences for the patient’s health. For this reason such conditions should be treated immediately.

Prevention Of Extended Infection Which May Lead To The Extraction Of The Implant.



When the bone loss is extended and the germs have progressed then this may lead to the mobility of the tooth. So, consequently, the immediate extraction of the implant will be required. If the treatment of Peri-Implantitis is timely then firtsly this complication can be prevented so as to avoid the extraction of the tooth and also the implant remains healthy.


Prevention Of A General Infection Of the Adjacent Teeth And The Jaws



This is a very rare complication, which occurs only when the Peri-Implantitis has remained untreated for a considerable period of time and then a surgical treatment becomes necessary. The germs infect the area of the jaw below and around the implant which has been affected by Peri - Implantitis. Moreover, the adjacent teeth are also affected which leads both to the loss of support and also to teeth mobility. This condition is presented to patients who have other health problems.