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HALITOSIS ( Bad Breath )

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Halitosis ( Bad Breath ) is not a hereditary characteristic. It is something that can be presented at any age and for various reasons. Research has shown that bad breath is caused, up to a percentage from 85 to 90 % , by problems in the oral cavity, and in the health of the gums and the teeth. Moreover a persistent bad breath can be the reason for several other illnesses such as respiratory infection , lung and liver infection and also infection in the digestive system.
In all the previously mentioned health problems the cause is the presence of bacteria which produce air substances that are emitted though the mouth.


The presence of extensive cracks on the tongue surface Thorough cleaning of the tongue’s surface
Poor oral hygiene and problems in the oral cavity The restoration of the health of the oral cavity.The maintenance of the oral cavity’s health
Eating habits A healthy diet should be adopted
Xerostomia ( dry mouth ) Cure of the reasons causing it.
Chronic illnesses and Respiratory diseases Follow a treatment given by a specialised doctor
Smoking Maintaining good oral hygiene



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One way to understand that you suffer from halitosis ( bad breath ) is to be informed by one of your friends. Another way is to put your hand in front of your mouth and to smell your breath. Nowadays, due to the evolution in technology we can have precise data on halitosis with the use of some devices which register the sulphur gases ‹ Halimeter Interrscan Co, Chatsworth,CA › which are directly related to halitosis ( bad breath )