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Implant Production from the patient himself


In many oral surgical operations or even in simple tooth extractions, the rapid healing of the area and its complete restoration is required. This can be achieved through the use of several synthetic materials. Nevertheless, the most effective way is to place, in the area, blood components from the patient himself. The procedure of isolating the placelets and the growth factors, which are produced in all the injured areas in our body, is the most effective and also the one which facilitates the rapid healing and the production of excellent quality tissues after the surgical operation ( Plasma Rich In Growth Factors Method = P.R.G.F. )

Why should the P.R.G.F method be chosen?

Excellent and rapid healing of the gums

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In every oral surgical procedure, a high rate of success is based on the excellent healing of the gums. With the assistance of the P.R.G.F. method the rapid healing of the trauma can be achieved, a factor that reduces the patient’s discomfort in the days following the surgical operation.

Excellent Healing of the Bone In the Area ( implants, extractions )

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After the extraction of a tooth there is a considerable bone gap in the area, which if left untreated will be covered by soft tissue, so there will be bone loss in the area. The bone is important as it supports the teeth and makes the jaw stronger. Correspondingly, when having implant treatments the maximum contact with the bone is required so as to ensure the best possible results. The necessary bone production can be succeeded with the P.R.G.F method which has proven extremely valuable in the bone production procedure.

Milder Postoperative Period


One of the most important qualities of the P.R.G.F. method is that it radically reduces the symptoms of the surgical operation ( pain, swelling ) which can be considerable in restorations covering bigger areas. So the P.R.G.F. method has soothing effects which facilitate the patient to cope with his / her everyday activities without any discomfort.