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Mouth Guard: What is it, When is it necessary, Which things should be taken into consideration?

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The risk of oral injuries is considerable when doing sports which involve physical contact such as for example playing basketball, volleyball, football or polo. Sports such as boxing, weight lifting and martial arts are also considered as high risk sports for oral injuries.

The mouth guard that you are now holding in your hands is a special medical device which is specifically manufactured for you from a type of soft plastic material which ‘hugs’ the teeth of the upper jaw. The mouth guard is used so as to absorb the majority of the forces produced by hit in the oral cavity so as to diminish the possibility of an injury.

The mouth guard should not be exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it should not be left in the car or in the sun during the summer months. So as to achieve the good preservation of the mouth guard some simple steps should be followed. The mouth guard should be cleaned with water and liquid soap after each use and it should also to placed into its container.

In Smile Clinic we believe that prevention is more important than treatment, so by providing the mouth guard to you we wish you …

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