Botox - What is it?

Botox ( Botulinum toxin ) is a protein which causes the non permanent paralysis of the muscle to which it has been injected. In the past this toxin was used for the treatment of involuntary spasms of the eyes’ and neck’s muscles. Botox blocks the neurotransmitters which send the movement message from the nerves to the muscles.

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Botox is used in cosmetic medicine for the treatment of the facial wrinkles. Mainly, it is used for the wrinkles of the forehead, the wrinkles between the eyebrows and also for the wrinkles appearing at the sides of the eyes.

With the use of Botox the face looks much more relaxed. The results of the Botox treatment become apparent after fifteen days and they last from 4 to 6 months as the way the toxin works varies from one person to the other.

Instructions that should be followed before the Botox treatment: :

  1. botox 3The use of anticoagulants ( e.g. aspirin ), and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( e.g. mesulide ) for a week before the treatment is not allowed.
  2. The consumption of alcohol on the same day and on the days before and after the treatment is forbidden.
  3. People who suffer from chronic diseases or who take any types of medication should inform the doctor.
  4. Women who are stressed or who are menstruating should avoid having the Botox treatment. 

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Instructions that should be followed after the Botox treatment::

1. It is advisable to exercise the facial muscles for 2 to 3 hours after the treatment ( e.g. rising the eyebrows ) This helps Botox to act more quickly. This technique will help but, if the patient does not do the exercises this does not mean that the results of the treatment will be affected.

2. The patient should not rub the area where the Botox treatment has been performed for 24 hours following the treatment.

3. The use of makeup is not allowed for four hours after the treatment.

4. The patient should not lie down or vigorously exercise for four hours after the treatment.

5. Hot showers, the use of hair driers, exposure to the sun for prolonged periods of time should also be avoided for two days after the treatment.

6. The small spots that may appear after the treatment will undoubtedly disappears within a few hours after the treatment.

7. The results of the treatment may become apparent two weeks after the treatment. Our goal is to totally satisfy the needs of our patients. Therefore, if you have any questions relevant to the treatment do not hesitate to contact us. A prompt appointment will be scheduled.

8. The results of the treatment are temporary. The results usually last from 4 to 6 months. If you have treatments as often an your doctor has suggested to you then the results will last longer.

9. Initially, an appointment with your doctor is arranged three or four months after the treatment has been performed. The best clinical results are achieved during this period. If you allow the total deactivation of the medicine ( 6+ months), and then arrange an appointment with your doctor, then it will be more difficult for your doctor to assess how different muscles reacted to the treatment. Consequently, your doctor will face difficulty in achieving the optimal results.

10. The treatment is performed with a special technique which individualizes the Botox injections to the specific muscle structure of each patient. For the previously mentioned reason it is very important for your doctor to see you before the muscles become active again. You doctor should see you at the specific time frame when the muscle begins to become active again, but before they are totally activated. Only within this time frame will your doctor be able to individualize the Botox injections. Thus, making it possible to achieve the optimal results.